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Microfiber Dusting Product Package

The Ultimate Flexible Dusting Package


A money-saving combination pack of our best selling flexible duster and accessories.

Details below.

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A $47.59 Value!

Includes the Flexible microfiber duster, one dusting sleeve, one extension handle, and one 19 oz. can of one-step furniture polish.

The flexible dusting tool frame is 29″ long and holds the washable/replaceable green microfiber dusting sleeve. Bend it into a the shape that suits the surface you’re dusting, then bend it again for the next surface.

Really hard to reach area? Remove the handle from the duster frame and fasten the extension handle and your reach gets extended by 71 inches! Ceiling fan blades anyone?

You’re going to love this lemon-oil-fortified Husky 1200 One-Step Furniture Polish. This is a big 19 oz. can that will last a while with ordinary use. Commercial use? See elsewhere on our site for the polish alone, or call for a case quantity discount.

All of these items are available separately on our website if this kit is not for you. However, compare and you’ll see the money saving benefit of purchasing the complete kit.