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Stinger Barrel VacStinger Barrel Vac

Galaxie Stinger Barrel Vac Full Package

$695.00 $599.00

Converts Any 55 or 30 Gallon Drum Into A High Capacity Wet or Dry Vacuum In Seconds!

This rugged, powerful wet/dry vac is your perfect clean-up solution!

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When Your Hardware Store Shop Vac Isn’t Enough

The Stinger Barrel Vac fits on any 24″ diameter 55 or 30 gallon barrel or drum, instantly converting it into a huge, powerful vacuum cleaner. There are no bags to empty or buy. When the barrel is full, just attach The Stinger to another empty barrel or drum.

The lightweight, only 30 pounds, makes The Stinger easily transferred from one barrel to another. That lets you create vacuum cleaners in multiple locations as needed, and as fast as you can walk from one barrel to the next.

The rugged all-steel construction, durable powder coated finish and powerful Lamb motor make The Stinger Barrel Vac a dependable workhorse for year after year of heavy-duty performance.

Because of The Stinger’s unique design, special filters can be quickly and easily applied to fit the needs of most any job. A standard filter is supplied with the vac, however your local distributor can supply any specialized alternative filter system that you may require.

Accessories for The Stinger

Increase your cleaning productivity: add extra tools or a rolling barrel dolly – find additional Stinger compatible accessories here on our website.

NOTE: A Barrel IS NOT included: fits on your standard 24" diameter 55 or 30 gallon barrels or drums.