Standard Garage Vacuum Package
Standard Garage Vacuum Package - UnitStandard Garage Vacuum Package - Accessories

Standard Garage Vac Package. Powered by Galaxie GA-20 Compact Central Vacuum.


Our standard garage cleaning system for your home garage or workshop.

With the power unit, a 50-foot hose and accessories, this may be all you’ll ever need in the garage.

Clean your workspace, clean the car, clean the floor! With the included 50-foot crushproof hose, you can reach all the way out into the driveway.

Built around our GA-20 Power Unit, part of the Legendary Galaxie Line of central vacuums.

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Save $$$ with our Garage Vac Combination Packages!

We’ve bundled one of our Legendary Galaxie Power Units with our Preimium Garage Cleaning Kit to bring you great savings!

Featuring Our GA-20 Power Unit:

  • Economical without sacrificing performance
  • Space saving
  • High performance motor
  • Vertical bag filtration with disposable electrostatic capture bag
  • Powerful yet compact
  • DuPont Teflon filter technology for maximum airflow and clean exhause
  • 5 Year warranty

Read more about the GA-20′s features and specifications by clicking here.

The Accessory Set Includes:

  • 50-foot X 1.25-inch safety orange crushproof hose (with custom fit banded cuff, and plastic curved handle w/AFR)
  • Plastic hose hanger
  • Plastic two-piece wand (each segment is 1.25-inch x 17.75-inch)
  • Deluxe crevice tool
  • Deluxe upholstery tool with slide-on brush
  • Deluxe dusting brush tool
  • Standard hard floor brush tool with natural bristles
  • Mesh caddy bag for accessories