Sale!Hipster Hip Vacuum by Sandia
Hipster Hip Vac Five Piece Toolkit

HEPA Hipster 6 Quart Hip Vacuum with 5 pc. Standard Tool Kit

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The Sandia HEPA Hipster hip vacuum features HEPA filtration, including HEPA bag and HEPA motor filter.

This vacuum is designed for cleaning sensitive areas that require the highest filtration and includes a single-stage vacuum motor.

Complete with 5 piece tool kit. Light granite color.

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The 6-Quart Hipster Vacuum is available in three powerful models. There is a Hipster Vacuum perfect for every job. Its patented noise suppressing exhaust chamber makes it the quietest vacuum in its class – perfect for hospitals, schools and public areas.


  • Ametec Motor
  • Sound-Deadening Double Wall Motor Chamber
  • Articulated Foam Noise Filter
  • Impact Proof Polyethylene Body
  • 6 Quart Capacity
  • Reversible Cap to Accommodate Left or Right Handed Use
  • Unbreakable Stainless Steel Latches
  • Comfort Reach Handle
  • 1 1/2″ Industrial Hose
  • Detachable 50″ Cord
  • Four Level Filtration


  • The HEPA Hipster collects the most soils, leaving exhaust air cleaner with a disposable, heavy-duty paper Micro-Bag mounted inside a washable-cloth shakeout bag.
  • Innovative bag support plate keeps bag from depleting airflow.
  • Patented noise suppressing exhaust chamber makes the Hipster the quietest vacuum in its class.
  • Lightweight design with a four-way belt tensioner that ensures maximum adjustability and comfort. The comfortable waist belt design reduces fatigue, making work easier.
  • Reversible cap makes adjustment easy for both left and right-handed use.
  • Unbreakable stainless steel latches, impact proof Polyethylene body and 1.5 inch industrial hoses make the Hipster durable and long-lasting.


Capacity: 6-Quarts
Airflow: 150 CFM
Motor: 1.5 HP, 1-Stage
Power: 1340 Watts
dB: 69
Amps: 11.5
Volts: 115 V
Size: 11″ H x 8″ W
Weight: 7.5 lbs.