Each '1 Inlet Rough In Kit with Metalic Designer Series Inlet' Contains:
metallic inlets for central vacuum systems

1 Inlet Rough In Kit with Metallic Designer Series Inlet


In addition to the inlet valve in your choice of color, these do-it-yourself rough in kits provide you with tubing, fittings, and low-voltage wire, all in quantities that have proven to be more than enough for the typical installation of a single valve into your new or existing system. Additionally, cement and our easy to use instruction manual are included.

Choose the designer metallic color for the inlet included with your kit(s). (All other included items are in standard fittings colors and materials.)

SKU: 3352

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These inlets activate the vacuum power unit when hose is inserted, or when switched on from a single voltage hose, or in conjunction with a pigtail corded hose plugged into a nearby 110V electric outlet.

Included in this kit:

  • 1  Metallic Designer Series Inlet
  • 1  Bracket For Metallic Designer Series Inlet
  • 1  90 Degree Short Elbow
  • 3  90 Degree Sweep Elbows
  • 1  45 Degree Elbow
  • 1  90 TY
  • 5  Couplings
  • 5  Pipe Straps
  • 1  Plaster Guard
  • 24 feet  PVC Tubing 2 inch OD X 4 feet
  • 24 feet  Low Voltage Wire
  • 1/4pt PVC Adhesive
  • Kit Instruction Manual


Color Antique Copper, Chrome, Polished Brass, Stainless