Galaxie GA-200: Bag/Filter, For up to 15,000 Sq. Ft.


The GA-200 Offers the latest in state of the art technology and is feature packed! Dual motor workhorse is ideal for large residences, commercial and industrial applications. The GA-200 comes standard equipped with SI Features AND the revolutionary NST – Nose Suppression Technology.

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SKU: GA-200

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  • Dual motor performance
  • 160″ water lift
  • Self-cleaning DuPont Teflon filter technology
  • 10 Year or 500 Hours warranty
  • Ideal for use with the hide-a-hose retractable hose system
  • Versatile dirt separation design can be used with or without an electrostatic filter bag

GA-200 Includes These Additional Si Features Standard

Your GA-200 includes these extra Si features in the standard model:

  • Status monitor with flashing LED
  • Progressive start
  • Auto stop after 1 hour of continuous use
  • NST – Revolutionary Noise Suppression Technology


Bag/Filter Model GA-200

Galaxie’s innovative large capacity capture bags provide excellent filtration properties. Their exclusive triple-layer electrostatically charged microfibers capture 99.4% of dust allergens. Filtration is further ensured by a self-cleaning HEPA membrane filter, which captures remaining microscopic dust particles. The Teflon® coating prevents the accumulation of dust on the filter surface so filtration performance is always at a maximum.

Bag or Bag-less Versatility

Galaxie’s GA-200 (like the GA-80) is designed to be operated with or without a convenient capture bag. This bag’s special fabric and electrostatic charge capture dust and ensure constant vacuum power no matter the volume of dust in the bag. If you run out of bags or prefer not to use them, no problem! Simply remove the bag adapter; a cyclonic air flow is created within the dust canister, allowing debris to settle to the bottom. The permanent filter ensures the finer particles are not circulated into your home’s environment. So it’s your choice. No matter which method you choose, it is reversible an any time, allow you to freely switch from one method to the other.


Our heavy duty barrel clamps will not twist and distort; they ensure a positive seal every time. (Compare ours to the wire clamps used by other manufacturers.)

Low Voltage Terminal

Our quick-clip stereo-style terminal connectors make installation easy and simple. No fumbling with screw type terminals.

Mounting Bracket

Our heavy duty 2-piece assembly holds your vacuum power unit securely to mounting the surface.




Air Watts* 850
Decibels 64
Air Flow (CFM) 196
Water Lift 160″
Amps (max) 14.5A
Voltage 120V
Number of Motors 2
Motor Size/ Number of Impellers 5.7″ / 2
Relay Solid State
Dirt Separation Bag/Filter
Recommended Maximum Square Footage 15,000
Warranty Ten Years or 500 Hours Parts/5 Years Labor


Dirt Receptacle Capacity 6.85 Gallon
Height 39.5″
Diameter 14″
Shipping Weight 47.2 lbs.


Si Features Available? Standard
Electrostatic Bag? Yes
Self Cleaning Teflon Filter? Yes
NST- Noise Suppression Technology? Yes

* Air Watts rating may vary with tool configuration and individual system characteristics.