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Central Vacuum Power Units by Galaxie
Central Vacuum Power Units by GalaxieCentral Vacuum Power Units by Galaxie

Galaxie GA-100/GA-100 Si: Cyclonic, For Up to 9000 Sq. Ft.


The GA-100 Operates on a special principal which separates dirt and deposits it into a large, easily empties dirt container. This system allows the vaccum power to be maximized, since the air flow is unrestricted by bags or filters. Handles homes up to 9,000 square feet.

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  • Rugged and reliable
  • Quiet operation (Only 68 decibels)
  • The perfect system for allergy sufferers… it vents outside
  • The GA-100′s unique cyclonic dirt separation system has a proven record as the industry leader for over 45 years!

GA-100 Si Option Includes These Additional Features

Select the Si Version and your power unit will include these extra features:

  • Status monitor with flashing LED
  • Progressive start
  • Auto stop after 1 hour of continuous use
  • NST – Revolutionary Noise Suppression Technology

Cyclonic Model GA-100

Since 1964, Galaxie’s reputation for power, performance and reliability have been built on the back of our GA-100 Power Unit. The GA-100 uses a cyclonic dirt separation technique which separates dirt from the conveying air and deposits it into a large, easily emptied dirt container. Vacuumed dirt enters the power unit in a spiral rotation, centrifugal force keeps it along the outside of the unit. As air speeds become terminal 97% of the vacuumed dirt is separated from the air stream and deposited into the dirt receptacle. The remaining fine dust particles are vented to the outdoors. This dirt separation technique has been proven to deliver optimal cleaning power over extended periods of time even with a full dirt receptacle. Moreover, motor life is not compromised because the unit never operates with restriction.


Our heavy duty barrel clamps will not twist and distort; they ensure a positive seal every time. (Compare ours to the wire clamps used by other manufacturers.)

Low Voltage Terminal

Our quick-clip stereo-style terminal connectors make installation easy and simple. No fumbling with screw type terminals.

Mounting Bracket

Our heavy duty 2-piece assembly holds your vacuum power unit securely to mounting the surface.





Air Watts* 670
Decibels 68
Air Flow (CFM) 134
Water Lift 130″
Amps (max) 13.5A
Voltage 120V
Number of Motors 1
Morot Size/ Number of Impellers 7.2″ / 2
Relay Solid State
Dirt Separation Cyclonic
Recommended Maximum Square Footage 9,000
Warranty Five Years Parts/1 Year Labor


Dirt Receptacle Capacity 10 Gallon
Height 38.25″
Diameter 14.5″
Shipping Weight 42.4 lbs.


Si Features Available? Yes
Electrostatic Bag? N/A
Self Cleaning Teflon Filter? N/A
NST- Noise Suppression Technology? Si Model Only
Model GA-100, GA-100 Si