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Sale!Husky 1200 Furniture Polish

One-Step Furniture Polish 19 oz. Can

$9.99 $8.49

A 19 oz. spray can of Husky 1200 Furniture Polish, Lemon Oil Fortified.

A ONE-STEP Process. Spray on, wipe off. Dusts, cleans, and polishes in one application. Use on furniture, Formica®, laminate, metal, table tops, metal and enameled surfaces.

Leaves a fresh fragrance and a clean, bright shine.

Great with our microfiber dusting products.

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An emulsion polish formulation that dusts and cleans.  A rich blend of silicones, cleaners and lemon oil that cleans and polishes a variety of surfaces leaving behind a pleasant lemon fragrance and a hard, dust-free shine.  Removes finger marks, smudges, grease marks and stains in one step.