Aqua-Air Wet/Dry Central Vacuums Installation, Parts, and Service

Wet Dry Central Vacuum

Clean Your Facility or Serve Your Customers Like the Pros Do!

Wet/dry central vacuum systems are an innovation on the traditional central vacuum system. While the traditional built-in central vacuum system is great for cleaning your home or office of dry soils, like dirt and dust, a wet/dry central vacuum integrates the power of cleaning with hot water to additionally clean out water-based soils and spills.

A Galaxie installed Aqua-Air Wet/Dry Built-In Total Cleaning System represents the latest technology in the market, handling all of your regular vacuuming needs AND the hot water cleaning capabilities. Dry waste materials are captured like a traditional central vacuum while water-borne soils and contaminants are flushed down the unit’s integrated drain. In wet-cleaning mode, a hot cleaning solution is sprayed on the surface then rinsed and vacuumed away leaving the surface clean, residue-free and dry.

Examples of Aqua-Air Wet/Dry Central Vacuum Industry Uses

Your Entire Pet Care Facility Thoroughly Cleaned & Deodorized

The AQUA-AIR Wet/Dry built-in Kennel Cleaning System in unlike any other vacuum system you could choose for your animal care facility. While giving you the best in dry vacuum tools and accessories, Aqua-Air adds the hot water delivery and extraction technology for removing the soils and contaminants out of your environment and down the drain.

A Healthier and Total Clean with the AQUA-AIR Wet/Dry

Consider the importance and benefits of reducing bacteria and germs in such a way. This is a much improved alternative to using mops, buckets and portable vacuums that re-distribute allergens and contaminants throughout your indoor environment. Good in-door air quality is important for animals, employees, and customers.

Take restaurant cleanliness to a whole new level with your AQUA-AIR Wet/Dry Central Vacuum System.

Drastically improve the appearance and sanitation of your restaurant by removing the soils and contaminants completely out of the environment, and flushing them directly down the drain. Using the Aqua-Air system, a hot cleaning solution is sprayed onto surfaces then immediately rinsed and vacuumed away leaving the surface clean, residue-free and dry.

Cut labor and equipment expenses.

Galaxie can help you eliminate heavy portable vacuums, unsanitary mops and buckets, brooms and dusters that redistribute soils and contaminants back into your restaurant’s environment by installing an AQUA-AIR Wet/Dry in your restaurant.

The Aqua-Air Wet/Dry system truly shines in the Auto Detailing arena.

Aqua-Air’s ability to spray hot water is ideal for cleaning car carpets and upholstery. The controlled water jet puts just enough water down to lift dirt out of the fabric without saturating the material. When combined with a soap and chemical pre-spray even the toughest vehicle cleanup is made easier.

Clean up your work area and your equipment budget.

Aqua-Air eliminates messy portable extractors that are prone to high maintenance and need to be dumped out way too often. With Aqua-Air the dirt and water are flushed down the drain automatically without the mess. Throw away the buckets, mops, and stop wasting precious time. Galaxie will recommend installing your Aqua-Air Wet/Dry Cleaning System on the wall or in a nearby utility room, safely out of the way of vehicles and workers. Furthermore, all hoses can be kept off the floor protecting workers as well as the vehicles.

Examples of Aqua-Air Wet/Dry Central Vacuum Applications

Dry Use

The Aqua-Air Wet/Dry® uses powerful vacuum motors and the latest in tools and attachments for maximum removal of dust, grit, hair, dander, and all other dry particulate soils. As the dry soils are removed from the surface and pass through the vacuum tubing they enter our exclusive water and cyclonic separation process. This process automatically screens out larger debris while flushing all dirty water and soils down the drain. In addition, vacuum motors are exhausted outside giving you 100% dust-free filtration.

Accidents & Emergencies

Have you experienced food and beverage spills in your home, business or automobile? Even worse, how about pet accidents, vomit, clogged sinks, flooded carpets, etc? These are definitely unpleasant to clean up and many times cause permanent damage if left unattended too long.

The Aqua-Air Wet/Dry® lightens the burden of these problems. Simply choose the appropriate attachment, treat with the Aqua-Air cleaning solution, then rinse and vacuum away contaminants. Surface will be clean, residue/odor-free and dry (or slightly damp). All contaminants go directly into the sewer without handling. No towels, sponges or gloves required!

Carpet Cleaning

Clean your carpets at your convenience. You can clean the whole house, one room or spot at a time. There is no bulky equipment to set up, fill, empty or clean up. Simply plug your carpet cleaning wand and hose into the wall outlet and clean away.

The Aqua-Air system features the Hot/Warm Water Extraction Process, recommended by most major carpet manufacturers. An Aqua-Air mild prespray is applied to the carpet then rinsed and extracted, removing moisture and soil. Carpets normally dry in two to six hours.

Tile or Stone Floors

Tile or stone floors have never been easier to clean; simply spray a mild Aqua-Air cleaning solution, then extract cleaner and soil with the brush and squeegee tool. The soft brush will get into grout lines and crevices that normally trap soil, then the vacuum and squeegee lift the soil out and dry instantly. Throw away those mops and hand brushes.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors last longer and look better using the Aqua-Air system. Abrasive soils (that brooms miss) scratch surfaces and soap residues from household cleaners prematurely yellow and degrade the urethane finishes on wood. Using the Aqua-Air vacuum and extraction process minimizes abrasive soil and completely eliminates chemical residues.

Upholstery & Auto Interiors

Upholstered furniture and auto interiors will always look new! Whether you just take a spot out or clean the whole piece, you can keep your furnishing fresh and clean. Spilled drinks, grease and oil spots are common occurrences in automobiles. The convenience of Aqua-Air allows quick removal effortlessly!

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